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Higher Education Administration (HEA) Guide

This guide provides information that can be useful throughout the HEA program

The Morrill Act

Known formally as the Land-Grant College Act of 1862 This link opens in a new window, the Morrill Act provided funding to states to finance colleges specializing in agriculture and the mechanic arts. While this resulted in the building of many colleges, a later iteration in 1890 also created institutions of higher education that catered to many new demographics of student, including Black and American Indian colleges. For more background information, scroll down to explore primary and secondary resources on this event. 

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

There is great value in reading a variety of perspectives on a subject, and this legislation is no exception. Here you will find articles written in the sixties, present-day, and by a diverse set of authors. Notice that while higher education was changed indefinitely by this event, whether for good or ill is highly debated. 

Other Resources