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In Focus

Curated by: Rachel Willoughby, Joyce Saghbini, Sara Severino, and Morgan Vespa

The McIninch Art Gallery is proud to present "In Focus". Curated by our student staff, Rachel Willoughby, Psychology major, Senior at SNHU, Joyce Saghbini, Education Major, Junior at SNHU, Sara Severino, Graphic Design Major, Junior at SNHU, and Morgan Vespa, Communications Major, Junior at SNHU.

In the 19th century, a new means of visual representation came into being. The invention of photography revolutionized the field of art. The earliest photographers spent decades experimenting with techniques and questioning the nature of this new medium. Photography is the method of capturing an image through the action of light or related radiation that is then printed on a light-sensitive material. Throughout the years, photography has made its impact as it has become more portable and accessible in the field of art. Once seen as a threat to the notion of 'real' art, photography is now a prominent medium of art. "In Focus" features photographs from the McIninch Art Gallery's permanent collection, selected by the student workers.

With these selections, "In Focus" encourages the viewer to consider photography’s revolutionary standing as an artistic medium. This exhibit asks the observer to take a step back and reflect on life; from the smaller, finite details to the larger, meaningful moments, it is all worth remembering..

Yoav Horesh, Rosh Hashanah Dinner (45 Minutes) Zofar, Israel, 2008, 24” x 30”,
Archival pigment print
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The Exhibition