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Nicole Eisenman: Prints

September 1 - December 21, 2021

In August of 2011, the contemporary painter Nicole Eisenman locked their paints up, as she tells it, for a period of time and explored the nature of printmaking, specifically, mono-print, woodcut, etching, and lithography. The artist mined the collection of the Metropolitan Museum and reinterpreted some of the more famous modernists images into a contemporary tableau. Eisenman evokes wit and sentiment to the human condition as a way to dissolve prejudices of individuals who identify in any number of ways. The artist's figures are part of a welcoming collective community. Eisenman’s deft knowledge of historic genres and symbols allow the artist to weave a powerful thread throughout the various mediums she works with. Created with the help of master printer Andrew Mockler of Jungle Press, Brooklyn NY, this body of work illustrates scenes of murky bars, and late-night diners, of sexual encounters, and spiritual gatherings. Eisenman employs a mixture of surrealism and expressionism, which reveals the highs and lows of the human experience. The artist creates a complex world of love, melancholy, appetite, spirituality, and desire. Here Eisenman has taken all of her skill as a painter and imbued prints with the masterful stroke of a draftsman emphasizing the integral values of line, form, and shape.

Nicole Eisenman, Bar, 2012 30.8” x 23.9”, Nine Color Lithograph Published by Jungle Press Editions, New York
Nicole Eisenman, Bar, 2012, 30.8” x 23.9”,
Nine Color Lithograph Published by Jungle Press Editions, New York
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