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Selections from the McIninch: Research and Study Exhibition

Curated by Gallery Coordinator Aishwarya Gejjagaraguppe

Art is the ultimate medium of expression; an artist has the freedom to create art that may span a multitude of subjects and ideas. It can mirror the artist's psyche, provide insight into relationships between the artist and their environment, reflect modern society, or pass judgment in the form of social commentary. An artist creates work that can soothe or incite a viewer's emotion. They can tell us to look closer, to delve deeper, and reflect inward. Selections from the McIninch display varying topics in works of art from the McIninch Art Gallery Collection. The works selected for this show explore the multitude of ways that artists express their opinions. The aim of this exhibition is for the viewer to explore and make connections through slow looking, uncovering the complexity of the artworks through prolonged observation.

William Kentridge, Damned Squares of this Shameless City, 2010, 14” x 15”,
Single color lithograph with chine colle
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The Exhibition