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Scholarly Communication and Publishing

This guide is designed for those wishing to publish their research.

Publishing a Journal Article

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Finding and selecting a journal can be one of the toughest parts of the publishing process. Fortunately, there are ample resources that can help you in discovering the right journal for your writing. Take a look at the sub-tabs in this section for more information on how to go about this process. As an overview:

Considerations for Selecting a Journal

  • Scope of the journal (to ensure your topic is covered)
    • Topics it publishes about
    • Type of articles it publishes – Original empirical studies, Reviews of research, Reports, Case Studies, Commentaries, etc.
  • Open Access vs. Subscription
    • Can anyone view it or only subscribers/purchasers?
    • If OA, do authors pay to publish in the journal? If so, what are costs?
  • Publication Time Line (How soon do you need/want to publish?)
    • Length of time between submission and publication
    • Review deadlines
  • Review Process (for Peer-reviewed journals)
    • Who are the reviewers/editors?
    • Blind review?
    • Review timeline
  • Journal Impact - Metrics and Impact Factor – How often are articles in this journal cited by articles published in other journals?
  • Copyright (Which rights will you retain to your content after publication?)
    • Author’s rights in the Journal Publishing Agreement/Author’s contract – Who owns the content, what are the limits on republishing, reusing the work, etc.
    • Access
  • Indexing (Where will this journal be indexed and searchable by users?)
    • Where is this journal indexed? EBSCO? ProQuest? Major databases?
    • Does Google Scholar index this journal?
    • Does Semantic Scholar index this journal?

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