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Navigating the Library Website: Multi-Search or FAQ box?

by Elyse Wolf on 2019-05-31T15:33:33-04:00 | Comments

Are you a new SNHUdent? Are you unsure where to even start looking for information on the library website?  This is the first of a series of posts that will cover the library's website with explanations and tips for success. 

There are two search boxes on the library's homepage that provide different services for you. See the screenshot below to identify the two boxes. The Multi-Search is the large search box that has the phrase "Search for books, articles, and more:" above the input field. The FAQ box is smaller and begins with "Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)".  

  1. The Multi-Search is the large search box on the library's homepage and it is also included in many of our research guides. The Multi-Search searches many of our databases at once to help you find what you need. This is a great starting point to find scholarly and non-scholarly resources (books, eBooks, videos, articles, etc.).  
  2. The Shapiro Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available to help you navigate the library, research, and more. Not sure how to cite a YouTube video in APA? Use the FAQs to find out! 

Screenshot of the library's homepage with the Multi-Search and FAQ boxes identified.

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