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NUR 515 - Advanced Nursing Concepts

This guide is to assist NUR 515 students with nursing research and support for their final project.

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

What's the different between scholarly and popular sources? Watch this video to find out:

Are All Library Resources Scholarly?

No, not all resources you'll find at the library are scholarly.

In many cases, the books you get from the library and articles you find in the library's research databases are scholarly. These sources have often gone through a traditional editorial or peer review process, which means that someone or some group has checked all the facts and arguments the author made and deemed them suitable for publishing. However, you still have to think about whether the book or article is current, objective, and relevant enough for your research.

The library does subscribe to some non-scholarly publications such as popular magazines like People, Vogue, and Ebony. Some library databases include non-scholarly publications like newspapers and trade magazines as well so no matter where you're searching for information you should always evaluate your sources for their relevancy, currency, objectiveness, authoritativeness, and accuracy. 

Check out the video below for more information:

Levels of Evidence

Even among scholarly sources, there are differences in the kinds of methods used to collect data and create knowledge, and these levels of evidence are ranked. Some levels of evidence will be insufficient for certain purposes. Watch the video below to learn more.