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Using Shapiro Library Content in the LMS

This guide is for SNHU instructional designers, course developers, deans, faculty and staff that want to use library resources in the LMS and to ensure best practices are followed.

Where do I start?

Welcome! The library has a lot of resources that could be helpful to learners, but the question really becomes what are the best resources to help learn specific concepts and skills? What is the appropriate level for the learner? How do we address the range of experience and knowledge that the learner brings to the environment? All these questions are important to consider when looking for content to support the learner working their way through our courses/competencies. 

Consider Licensing & Access

Not all content the library provides is appropriate for use in the learning environment. Become familiar with the License & Content Description page in this guide to understand the different ways we license our materials and the associated risk with using them in the LMS. How many learners will be accessing these materials? Are these materials required? What is the subject matter of the course/competency I am working on...are updates to technology and terminology frequent? 

Review Databases & Periodicals

Ask your SME's and other design partners for input on the types of information most needed for the module, unit, or project. What are the common trade or industry publications that are applicable? Do we have those in the library? Try looking at Periodical Finder to see if we have any of the recommended publications. Take a look through the A-Z Database List by subject or by type of database. Try a few searches and get an idea of the type of information you can find, then make your plan. You can always ask your eLearning Librarian for recommendations as well.