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Shapiro Library

Using Shapiro Library Content in the LMS

This guide is for SNHU instructional designers, course developers, deans, faculty and staff that want to use library resources in the LMS and to ensure best practices are followed.

Multi-Search Database

The Multi-Search Database is the tool on the homepage of the library that runs the main search box titled "Search for books, articles and more". This is our most "Google-like" database as it searches across most of our digital and print content housed in the library and through our subscriptions. Special emphasis should be on the word most of our content, as not everything we have available can be found here. This database is provided by EBSCO and it can preference our EBSCO content over our other collections. You can start looking in this database and use the features on the left side of the page including taking OFF the Full Text limiter, playing around with the dates and focusing on one particular type of resource at a time such as e-books. When you need to find discipline specific information or special types of information such as videos, case studies or market reports, this is not the resource to use.