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old HIS 100 - Perspectives in History

Research guidance and example sources for HIS100 Perspectives in History research assignment.

Secondary sources

Here are some additional resources that you can use as you continue your research. Both of these sources are scholarly journal articles. They consider primary sources like those we explored in the previous page and the work of other scholars to come to new conclusions.

Soudien, C. (2015). Nelson Mandela, Robben Island and the Imagination of a new South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies, 41(2), 353–366. DOI: 10.1080/03057070.2015.1012915.

The author discusses the beginning of Mandela's prison term in 1962 and how Mandela's prison experience helped shape his vision for what South Africa could become post-Apartheid.

Yadav, A. K. (2007). Nelson Mandela and the Process of Reconciliation in South Africa. India Quarterly, 63(4), 49–84.

This article focuses on the reconciliation process after the Apartheid was ended. As he indicated he would in his February 11, 1990, speech, Mandela made every effort to pursue a peaceful transition. The author also provides a biographical overview of Mandela and his involvement with the resistance movement.

Searching for More

If you are interested in researching additional secondary sources, here are a few library databases you can use. Nelson Mandela, Apartheid, and South Africa are all good keywords to use. Consider searching for secondary sources that either talk about the primary sources you choose, or explore similar themes.