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Use this guide to find books, ebooks, databases, web resources, and more on topics like resume writing, interview tips, where to search for jobs, etc.

Building a Resume

Your resume is one of the first documents your potential employer's see about you, so it's important that you make it professional, informative, and appropriate to the job your applying for.

There are multiple types of resumes you can write, deepening on whether you want to highlight your work history, your skills set, a combination of work history and skills, etc. Many times you will want to write a resume that is targeted, meaning it is written to address the specific skills and qualifications discussed in the job posting. For more information on the different types of resumes, check out Resume Types: Chronological, Functional, Combined, Targeted.

In most cases, your resume will include the following information:

  • Contact Information (name, email, phone, address, etc.)
  • Educational History (name and location of all university's or college's you attended, dates you attended, degree awarded and minor(s), graduation date or anticipated graduation date, any honors or awards)
  • Work History (name and location of previous or current employers, dates employed at each job, position, duties, any promotions or awards you received while working)

Your resume may also include:

Check out these resources of the video below by WritebyNight on "Resume Writing Tips, How To Write a Creative Resume & Get a Job" for more tips on how to write your resume:

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and How to I Write One?

"According to the dictionary, a resume is 'a summary, as of one’s employment, education, etc., used in applying for a new position.' Conversely, a curriculum vitae (C.V.) is noted as 'a regular or particular course of study of or pertaining to education and life.'

In other words, a RESUME is a career and educational summary meant to highlight your skills and experience and a C.V. is a list mean to document every job and degree you’ve ever received in your life."

Source: "Resumes and CVs: What's the Difference?" by the UC Berkeley Alumni Association.

Need to write a CV? Check out these resources for help:

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