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MKT 105 - Foundations of Marketing

Citing Business Resources

Target Market

Mintel Academic provides access to consumer behavior data from Mintel’s proprietary surveys. Survey data is combined with insight from analysts into reports. Many, but not all, types of consumer products and services are covered by these reports.

Search strategy: You generally only need one search term at a time in Mintel Academic. It can be useful to think of your competitor’s product using a hierarchy of terms from most to least specific. For example:

Ford F-150 Pickup truck -> Ford Pickup Truck -> Pickup Truck -> Truck -> Motor Vehicle.  

Once you have identified a relevant, recent report, navigate to its main page using the “Go to report summary” link near the upper left of the screen. Then look for the Databook Excel file.

VALS uses psychological and demographic traits to segment adults into eight types. Review the descriptions of the VALS Types, Sample Demographics and Behaviors, and Sample Characteristics on this page. Review material in the your identified Mintel Report's Databook, Interactive Databook, and Consumer sections. Look for demographic, psychographic and consumer behavior indicators that could support the selection of a specific VALS type.

SWOT Analysis