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Today is The International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating! To learn more about contract cheating and why academic integrity matters, watch the video What Academic Integrity Means to SNHU This link opens in a new window

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Sustainability Week

SNHU Sustainability Week is October 25 - 30. Check out the library guide and event flyer. You can also enter the Fall Photo Contest.

Virtual Research Workshops

Struggling with Research? Not sure where to start? Join Shapiro Librarians for Virtual Research Workshops!

The WLLC is open!

Check out the Hours & Events page to see when the Shapiro Library and other departments are open. Please refer to the FAQ What COVID restrictions are in place at the Shapiro Library? for more information.

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Are you having trouble accessing library resources? Our Troubleshooting guide contains tips like clearing your browser's cookies & cache to solve basic issues.

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Waiting on a resource through Interlibrary Loan? Check the Interlibrary Loan portal located in the Quick Links box to see the status of your request!