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EDU 630 - Strategies for Online Instruction

Research guide developed specifically to support the EDU-630 learning objectives & projects.

Differentiation & Flipped Classroom

The following example resources should help you better understand the concepts of differentiation and flipped classroom. Take a moment to skim and read any resources below. Can you make connections to see where you might be interested in learning more? 

The videos Differentiating Instruction This link opens in a new window and the series Flipped Learning Toolkit This link opens in a new window can help you get started learning about these concepts. 

opening slide of the differentiating instruction video

Example Resources

Databases for further research

Now that you have an idea of what these concepts and theories are and how they have been used in some examples, continue learning by researching on your own. The databases below aren't the only places you can look, but give them a try first! What additional contexts do you want to explore in these areas?