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PHL 230 - Religions of the World

This guide will provide links to library resources, services, and databases that support COCE students' research for this course.

Books & eBooks

Scholarly journal articles typically have a narrow topic focus and are often research studies conducted in a specific area, whereas a book (whether print or electronic) is more likely to give you a broad overview of religion, and may also include individual chapters on individual religions. 

Online Library Catalog



You can find books and eBooks by using the search box provided above to search the Online Library Catalog. The catalog is a list of all the print resources the library has (including print books, print journals, video games, audio books, and more) and also includes a record for most of our eBooks.

How to use the Online Library Catalog  |  Search Tips

If you are a currently enrolled student and live outside of Manchester, NH, you can request that a print book owned by the Shapiro Library be mailed to you. For more information, see How do I request library material be mailed to me?

Please keep in mind that the Online Library Catalog searches the library's print materials and many of the library's ebooks but not all of them. You can also search directly in our ebook collections. These are some of the recommended ebook databases for research on the world's religions: