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Virtual Research Workshops

More information about Virtual Research Workshops offered by Shapiro Library


Have questions about Virtual Research Workshops? email:

Anaya Jones, eLearning Librarian


Shana Chartier, Research and Learning Librarian

Learn More About Virtual Research Workshops

two people sitting, the person on the left in a blue striped shirt holds an electronic tablet. the person on the right with long, dark, braided hair, uses a laptop on their lap.

Shapiro library offers hour-long virtual research workshops available to all SNHU learners. These workshops are hosted by Shapiro librarians and will cover all kinds of helpful information for diving into your research. All workshops are offered at times listed in Eastern Time. 

For more information about the workshops and supplemental materials, explore this guide.

To sign up for your next workshop, visit the Shapiro Library Calendar.

Be a Research Skeptic: A Crash Course in Source Evaluation

Unsure if the resources you’ve found are high quality? Join SNHU librarians to discuss source evaluation, credibility and bias. Evaluating sources can be daunting, but Shapiro librarians can help! In this workshop, we’ll cover indicators of suitability for resources in Shapiro library databases and on the web.

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Be a Research Skeptic: Additional Materials

Exploring Public Companies: An Intro to Business Research

Unsure where to begin your research into publicly traded companies? Join SNHU librarians to explore library and web resources for business research. In this workshop, we’ll cover finding data, reports, analysis and other information about publicly traded companies.

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Exploring Public Companies: Additional Materials

Navigating Your Library: A Road Map to Available Resources

Not sure where to start your research? Join SNHU librarians to learn about the different types of resources and services available to you through the Shapiro library. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify the kinds of sources appropriate for your project. Bring your research topic if you have one for real time feedback.

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Navigating Your Library: Additional Resources

Search & Research: Mastering the Library Databases

Search results irrelevant or alarmingly small? Join SNHU librarians to choose the best Shapiro library resources for your project and learn search strategies to get the most out of them! In this workshop, you’ll learn about constructing effective searches and how to modify them when the results you want aren’t returned right away. Bring your research topic if you have one for real time feedback.

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Search & Research: Additional Materials

Online Workshop Room

Virtual Research Workshops are hosted using RingCentral Meetings, a product based on the Zoom virtual meeting software. This software allows hosts to share content via video, audio, and screensharing. Participants communicate with the host and each other over chat, and in some cases audio.

Joining a Virtual Research Workshop Room

A link to join the RingCentral Meeting will be emailed to all registered participants one hour before the session begins. When you click the link in your email, you will launch the RingCentral Meetings web app. Follow instructions to enter the room. When you enter the room, your mic and camera will be turned off, and depending on the workshop, both can be enabled when you're ready. As you are joining, you may see an option to join from your browser. This method includes less functionality and is not recommended.

If you are having issues with the audio through your computer, your reminder email will include a phone number and access code to call into the session. This access is optional, and won't show you anything the host shares on their screen or activity in the chatbox. It can be used together with the web app so that you can both see shared content and hear the audio.  

You may find it helpful to use keyboard shortcuts in the RingCentral Meetings app. Read more about keyboard shortcuts on RingCentral's support site.

Resources for Troubleshooting RingCentral Meetings

If you are having trouble joining a Virtual Research Workshop or are experiencing issues inside the meeting room, the best first step is to close out of the app and try again. Next, you can try clearing your cache and cookies or try opening the link in a different browser. If you're having trouble, please email all presenters listed for the Virtual Research Workshop in the calendar. If the workshop has already started, they may not be able to get back to you immediately but they will connect with you.

There is additional troubleshooting information below. 

Resources for Blind or Visually Impaired Zoom (RingCentral is very similar to Zoom) Users

Resources for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Zoom (RingCentral is very Similar to Zoom)

Access and Accommodations

Your experience here at Southern New Hampshire University is important to us. It is our policy and practice to create an inclusive and accessible learning environment. If there are aspects of these workshops that present barriers to accessibility, please notify the host as soon as possible.

Online Students

If you would like to connect with the Online Accessibility Center (OAC) to discuss academic accommodations, please use the following contact information:

Phone: 866-305-9430
Website: Online Accessibility Center This link opens in a new window

Campus Students

If you would like to connect with the Campus Accessibility Center (CAC) to discuss academic accommodations, please use the following contact information:

Phone: 603-644-3118
Website: Campus Accessibility Center This link opens in a new window