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Academic Integrity

Online Student Resources

The academic support center provides you a variety of resources that facilitate your academic success and help ensure you progress through your program with academic integrity.

Shapiro Library

Whether you are looking for research support or ensuring you avoid plagiarism, the Shapiro Library provides you with 24/7 access to its resources and staff that can direct you to the right content based on your need. You can reach out directly for support through the chat function or explore the library’s extensive list of frequently asked questions.

SNHU Wellness This link opens in a new window

The online SNHU Wellness page has a variety of resources that can help guide you on areas that impact you personally and intersect with your academic success.

What Happens When Reported

So I’ve been reported for a possible violation… Now what? 

  • Your instructor has a concern about an assignment that might include a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy This link opens in a new window.
  • Your instructor will reach out to ask you about the work you submitted.
    • It is important to talk to your instructor about their concerns. 
  • Instructor files a report with the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity via the Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Form This link opens in a new window .
  • A student conduct and academic integrity manager will review the report filed and any documentation submitted by the instructor to determine if there was a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy This link opens in a new window.
  • If there was a policy violation, you will receive a letter via your SNHU email (you will need to enter your student ID number to access the letter).
    • This letter will detail the assignment(s) that were reviewed, the policy violation that was identified, and will include resources to help you avoid violations as you move forward in your courses.
  • If you have any questions about your case you can contact the student conduct and academic integrity manager who sent you the letter by replying to the email.

What do I do during and after an investigation?

  • Continue to work with your instructor.
  • Your instructor is always the best person to talk to if you have questions about:
    • Grading
    • Assignment expectations
    • How to properly cite your sources
    • How to improve your writing to avoid academic integrity concerns moving forward

Remember, everyone at SNHU - including your instructors and the student conduct and academic integrity managers - is here to help you succeed.  

For additional information regarding the conduct process please review the Student Handbook This link opens in a new window.