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Body Diversity

What is Body Diversity?

"Our bodies are intended to be different. Body diversity is a fact, not a major health risk or flaw."
(Isa Robinson Nutrition, n.d.)

People are exposed to images of  "perfect" bodies whether waif-like, muscled, or voluptuous. These "perfect" bodies do not represent the vast majority of bodies and the "ideal" body changes over time, across cultures, etc. Body diversity recognizes that bodies exist in all shapes and sizes and celebrates those differences. It also looks to differentiate between health and size.

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Keywords / Terms

  • Weight stigma
  • Weight bias
  • Obesity stigma
  • Obesity bias
  • Body positivity
  • Body neutrality
  • Body diversity
  • Diet culture
  • Orthorexia
  • Fat acceptance


Isa Robinson Nutrition. (n.d.). Body diversity . This link opens in a new window