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Equity Literacy

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What is Equity Literacy?

Equity Literacy is understanding how inequality exists across race, class, gender identity, disability, and more. It includes the skills and dispositions that allow us to create and sustain equitable and just environments, along with the ability to recognize subtle and not-so-subtle biases and inequities across identities.

According to the Equity Literacy Institute's Equity Literacy Framework This link opens in a new window, there are five abilities of equity literacy:

  1. The ability to recognize even the subtlest biases and inequities,
  2. The ability to respond skillfully and equitably to biases and inequities in the immediate term,
  3. The ability to redress biases and inequities by understanding and addressing them at their institutional roots, 
  4. The ability to actively cultivate equity by applying an equity commitment to every decision, and
  5. The ability to sustain equity efforts even in the face of discomfort or resistance.

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