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IDS 100 - Perspectives in Liberal Arts

Research guide developed for IDS-100 to help with the four lenses, an introduction to the library, and selecting research topics.

Research Topics

In Module 3 of your course, you will be choosing one topic out of voting rights, climate change or justice on which to focus on for the rest of the term. Once you have chosen one of these topics, you will be reading several assigned articles from the library. The topics and articles are linked below. As you work through what you know and what you'd like to know in these topic areas, you can also look up other resources to support your learning. 

Assigned Resources by Topic

Find your chosen topic below and read your articles by clicking on the hyperlinked titles. These resources are shown as citations, which give us information on the source being used. You will notice pieces like publication date, authors, titles, publishers, and more. Watch this video from a fellow library that explains more about how to read citations This link opens in a new window

Climate Change

Social sciences: Brenner, I. (2019). Climate change and the human factor: Why does not everyone realize what is happening? International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, 16(2), 137–143. 

History: White, S. (2014). Animals, climate change, and history. Environmental History, 19(2), 319-328. 

Humanities: Volpe, C. (2018). Art and climate change: Contemporary artists respond to global crisis. Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science, 53(2), 613–623.

Natural science: Snyder, J. T., Whitney, M. M., Dam, H. G., Jacobs, M. W. & Baumann, H. (2019). Citizen science observations reveal rapid, multi-decadal ecosystem changes in eastern Long Island Sound. Marine Environmental Research, 146, 80-88.


Social sciences: Netherland, J. & Hansen H. B. (2016). The war on drugs that wasn’t: Wasted whiteness, “dirty doctors,” and race in media coverage of prescription opioid misuse. Culture, medicine and psychiatry, 40(4), 664-686.

History: Alexander, M. (2012) The new Jim Crow. Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, 9(1), 7-26.

Humanities: Ryan, P. (2020, June 16). What do protest songs sound like today? Rap. USA Today, pp. 05B.

Natural science: Epstein, J. (2016) Looking backwards at old cases: When science moves forward. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 106(1), 49-57.

Voting Rights

Social sciences: Yang, E. (2019). Ensuring access to the ballot box. Insights on Law & Society, 20(1), 20-25.

History: Moore, W. V. (2019). Voting rights act of 1965. In Salem Press Encyclopedia. Salem Press.

Humanities: Wahl, K. (2018). Purity and parity: The white dress of the suffrage movement in early twentieth-century Britain. In J. Faiers & M. W. Bulgarella (Eds.), Colors in Fashion (pp. 21-34). Bloomsbury.

Natural science: Orman, H. (2019). Online voting: We can do it! (We have to). Communications of the ACM, 62(9), 25-27.