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SNHU policies and resources concerning copyright law.

Welcome to the Copyright Guide!

This online guide discusses copyright. A copyright provides the author or creator of an original work expressed in a tangible medium with a set of exclusive rights. Original works include screenplays, books, photos, videos, blog posts, articles, and other expressions of ideas. A copyright provides the author or creator with the right to copy, distribute, and/or adapt the work.

This guide is intended to help members of the SNHU community understand and comply with copyright law. It is not intended to be comprehensive or to serve as legal advice.

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SNHU Copyright Policy

Take Responsibility

This guide contains resources for learning more about copyright. The information given here is for general information use only. It is not legal advice.

SNHU faculty, staff and students are liable for any infringements they make on the rights of copyright owners.

Avoiding copyright infringement is the responsibility of the individual user. Being ignorant of the law will not protect you against a claim of infringement.


SNHU has provided the resources on this page and throughout this guide to help individuals learn more about copyright laws and issues. However, SNHU cannot be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of third party links. This guide is intended to be educational in nature and is not meant to constitute legal advice.