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Data Analytics

This guide is intended to help you identify and locate scholarly and non-scholarly resources (books, articles, etc.) on the subject of data analytics. In this guide, you'll also find information on library services, research tips, and career information

Company Research page

The Shapiro Library databases offer detailed company information including annual reports, SWOT analyses, CRUSH reports (CRUSH Reports track and report on Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies with IT architectures, strategies, org charts, contact info, budgets, and insights to projects and initiatives, as well as pinpointing specific technology business drivers to help you better identify internal needs), third-party analyst reports, and more.

Recommended databases for company research:

Tips for researching organizations

  • Research the company using the Handshake Employer Search.
  • Check out the organization’s website.
    • Search for the organization’s website using a common search engine, such as Google. Organizations usually have links to their “About Us”, “To Learn More”, or “Employment Opportunities” pages. This is a good place to start learning about the organization.
  • Look them up on a professional website.
    • Read about the organization’s profile on a professional website such as LinkedIn.
  • Check out their profile on a job board website.
    • Go to any professional job board and search for the organization you are seeking information about. A common job board that provides company profiles is In addition to learning about the current organization, you may also see available positions for the types of roles they are hiring for.
  • Additional information may be found on a number of websites including or Glassdoor.

Let’s Try It!

Use the resources and tips above to research Southern New Hampshire University.

  • Where is the organization located?
  • What is SNHU’s mission, vision, and values?
  • What is their culture?
  • How many people does SNHU employ?
  • What goods or services do they offer?