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ENG120 Information Literacy Adventure

Welcome to TruthQuest!

This is an information literacy journey using an example of a current hot issue: gun violence. Your task is to find thoughtful ways to seek out accurate information reflecting multiple perspectives on the issue you have chosen for your ENG120 assignment.

Gun on ground


By the end of this experience, you should be able to:

  • Consider multiple narratives when researching a particular issue or topic
  • Generate search strategies to research your topic using a variety of information formats
  • Have a better understanding of how to use library resources and properly attribute them
  • Know how to get help from a librarian when you need it

Start Here:

  • Click on the TruthQuest Poster Template attachment below to access a template for your assignment (It is a poster-sized PowerPoint slide). At the end, you will be adding colors, fonts, shapes, images, etc. to make it unique and eye-catching. A sample poster is available below for reference. 
  • You will collect images along the way in this exercise, and paste them into the template to create your own amazing infographic poster to reflect your learning.
  • Here are "how-to" PowerPoint videos, if you need help:
  • Once you open the template, minimize it, then click on the next blue tab along the left side of this page, Step One: Bad News!