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SPT/GST 335 (Campus) Gender & Sport

This guide is a companion to the campus course SPT/GST 335 Gender & Sport (Professor Beth Sheehan).

Welcome to the SPT/GST 335 Gender & Sport Research Guide!

This guide is designed as a companion to the SNHU campus course Gender & Sport to help students with the Gender & Sport project. 

Course Description

Students will draw from integral theory to critically examine the behaviors, culture, structures and systems that shape the relationship between gender and sport and reinforce gender differences and existing inequality. Students will also create potential strategies for restructuring sport as a more equitable and empowering institution for all genders.

Course Project (2023-2024)

The course project for academic year 2023-24 will involve examining data regarding participation by gender in recreational sports at SNHU.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is for students to help demonstrate their understanding of course concepts while working with SNHU Athletics to examine the decline in women's involvement in recreational sports.

Skills: This project will help you practice the following skills that are essential to succeeding professionally:

  • Accessing analyzing, and collecting data from appropriate sources
  • Analyzing and integrating information into a cohesive presentation
  • Creating practical strategies supported by research and data
  • Presenting in a business context

Knowledge: This assignment will also help you become familiar with the following important content knowledge:

  • Impact of culture and existing structures and systems on participation in sport based upon gender
  • Strategies to increase participation among women in sport
  • How sport perpetuates traditional ideologies of gender
  • Role of data and research in formulating strategies

Research Project Components:

  • Milestones (worth 100 points)

    • Milestone #1 (15 pts) – IRB Training & Data Analysis Summary (individual submission)
    • Milestone #2 (30 pts) – Literature Review (individual submission)
    • Milestone #3a (5 pts) – Focus Group Questions and Plans
    • Milestone #3b (15 pts) – Focus Group Results & Findings Summary
    • Milestone #4 (20 pts) –Recommendations for Increasing Participation & Survey Content
    • Milestone #5 (15 pts) – Draft of Presentation to SNHU Athletics

  • Final Presentation (worth 100 points) Due December 12

Project Overview

This project will involve multiple steps beginning with the following:

  1. Data - gathering and examining relevant data sets
  2. Question-asking (QFT, question-design, etc.)
  3. Research to construct a literature review regarding the topic
  4. Designing questions for focus groups
  5. Writing and submitting a proposal to the SNHU Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  6. Conducting focus groups
  7. Analyzing qualitative data from the focus groups
  8. Presenting findings

Below is the project description.