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INT 220 - Global Dimensions in Business

This online Global Campus course will build on your experiences as a consumer and help you explore the complexities of global business.

Drivers for Global Entry

You will develop a business brief that explains why many organizations are investing in efforts to expand their businesses internationally, the key impacts of global business, and cultural considerations for entering the global market. You will then create a market profile and outline market considerations for your chosen international market.

Explain the purpose of global expansion, business impacts of global business, societal impacts of global business, and cultural considerations using evidence from the course and outside resources to support your explanations.

As you develop your business brief you will need to identify drivers of global entry including:

These topics are addressed throughout your course module content, make sure to read through it. You may wish to supplement those materials with scholarly and professional articles from library databases. Try putting some searches together and try them in the databases below. Some suggestions for keywords and searches: culture AND globalization, supply chain AND global expansion, marketing, and globalization. 

  1. Purpose of Global Expansion: Explain key benefits of successful global expansion for domestic organizations.

  2. Business Impacts of Global Business: Explain how global expansion of a domestic organization can impact business operations such as strategic planning, marketing, supply-chain management, human resources, and so on.

  3. Societal Impacts of Global Business: Explain how the global expansion of organizations has impacted society, citing specific examples regarding culture, transportation, employment, infrastructure, and environmental climate. 

  4. Cultural Considerations for Global Business: Explain the importance of researching the culture of a potential global market prior to market entry, as well as key cultural considerations to explore to inform expansion decisions.