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Graphic Design

This guide is a collection of resources for your research and work in Graphic Design.

Graphic Design in the Library

The library may not be the first place you think of for resources for your graphic design projects, but many of your assignments can be supported by sources from our collections. Explore the Getting Started with Research at Shapiro Library guide below to learn about how to maximize your searches in library databases.

Researching Graphic Designers

To support your graphic design work or studies, you may need to research a specific graphic designer or movement. Use the suggested databases below to find books and articles. Unsure where to start? Design Wizard highlights historic and contemporary graphic designers This link opens in a new window.

Researching Markets

In other cases, you might need more information about an industry, consumer group, or market in order to tailor your design. In that case, check out the databases and links below. They contain different types of information, so read the description to find the best database for your need.