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NUR 506 - Evidence Based Practice

This Library Research Guide is to assist NUR 506 students with nursing research and support for their final project Tests and measurements, theoretical framework, PICO, PICOT, literature review, statistics.

What is a quality improvement project?

For your final project in this course, you will be working on pieces of your capstone quality improvement project, the evidence-based project proposal. According to Ardnt & Netsch (2012), quality improvement projects "involves systematic data-guided activities designed to bring about immediate improvements in health care delivery in particular settings" (p.371). QI projects are similar to research studies and proposals, but are not the same. See the resources below to learn more about the similarities and differences. 

Resources for Quality Improvement Projects

Differentiating Research from a QI Project

Differentiating Research from a QI Project
  Quality Improvement Project Research

Apply known solutions to a limited problem

Discovery of new information creates generalizable knowledge to be applicable at more than 1 institution 
Design Less rigorous, theoretical framework not included, speaks to problem at hand

Rigorous, theoretical framework, adheres to accepted designs

Setting A single setting and situation Single or Multiple settings
Timeline Shorter Longer
Benefit Subjects in the project and institution where the project was conducted Greater scientific community and clinicians, generalizable to greater populations and institutions 
Outcome measurement Statistical analysis is optional Statistically appropriate measures
Extraneous variables May acknowledge but not controlled Variables are controlled and measured
Generalizable findings No Yes
Plan for dissemination Internal newsletters, flyers, posters Institution, IRB, government agencies
Oversight Institution where project is conducted Institution, IRB, government agencies
Subject risk  None or minimal Varies, risk-to-benefit ratio must be considered
Informed consent No Yes
IRB Not always Yes


Ardnt, J. V., & Netsch, D. S. (July/August 2012). Research study or quality improvement project? Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing, Vol. 39(4), 371-375.