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NUR 506 - Evidence Based Practice

This Library Research Guide is to assist NUR 506 students with nursing research and support for their final project Tests and measurements, theoretical framework, PICO, PICOT, literature review, statistics.

Locating Tests and Measurements

One of the best ways to get an idea of a test or measurement you may want to use in your research proposal is to see what published authors are using in their studies. Use a nursing database like CINAHL Complete or Nursing Journals @Ovid and pull up some research studies that are similar to what you hope to propose. Read through the methods section and make note of what test, measurements and procedures the author(s) used. Once you have a few test names, you can search in our tests/measurements databases to read reviews and sometimes see examples of actual measurement items. Due to the proprietary nature of these tests/measurements, most test items will not be available to see/use.