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Using Shapiro Library Content in the LMS

This guide is for SNHU instructional designers, course developers, deans, faculty and staff that want to use library resources in the LMS and to ensure best practices are followed.

Sharing Resources

Faculty and staff may wish to share library resources with students via email, in their syllabi, and in the LMS through announcements or module resources (UC & CETA faculty). There are several best practices that you need to follow in order to ensure that when resources are shared, persistent links are used. Linking to the library's content will also ensure we are following copyright and fair use best practices.

Persistent Links

When sharing library resources, to ensure that SNHU users can access library materials both on and off campus, a persistent link needs to be used. The library uses an authentication protocol called EZproxy, which allows SNHU users to sign in using their SNHU email and password. The EZproxy protocol is sometimes already built into persistent or permanent links in some of the library's databases (but not all). Two of our highly used database vendors EBSCO and ProQuest do offer persistent links that can be taken directly from the database.

 Use the search box below to find other database linking instructions:


Creating Content in the LMS

Library resources make great supplements to the information already in your courses, or even if you would like to use them for all of your assigned readings as a replacement for costly textbooks. Faculty at SNHU Global Campus are able to share additional resources utilizing the Announcements area in Brightspace or directly to students in feedback, email etc. If you are a UC or CETA faculty member and would like to chose library resources for your courses, please read and use the What content do I need to have checked using the Check Library License Type form? Questions? Ask your Library liaison.

Global Campus faculty are not required to submit the check library license request for content that is being used as supplemental resources in announcements or the like (only updates to the course content require the form). As with any resources, please check your library links each term before use as some collections can change.

The first step to sharing or using library content in the LMS is to ensure you have the correct persistent link to the library resource(s) you would like to use. You can always double check with a librarian prior to use. 

The process for including a library resource as a link in your course is the same in an announcement or in creating a file in a module. Both use the Brightspace WYSIWYG editor, see the screenshot below. Use the Insert Stuff icon and then select Insert Link to paste in the persistent link URL.

screenshot pointing out the insert stuff icon in the editor in Brightspace