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Using Shapiro Library Content in the LMS

This guide is for SNHU instructional designers, course developers, deans, faculty and staff that want to use library resources in the LMS and to ensure best practices are followed.

Shapiro Library Standard Operating Procedure for GC Program Development

The following outlines the standard operating procedures (SOP) utilized by library faculty participating in Global Campus development and redevelopment of academic programs. Library faculty will be assigned to specific programs and product development teams at the discretion of the Library's Associate Deans and Dean of the University Library.

Phase One Program Workshop

  • Library Commitment #1: Associate Dean of Collections or designee participates to access collection and budget needs
    • GC Program Timeline: Logistics Review
  • Library Commitment #2: Introduction to program stakeholders and project
    • GC Program Timeline: Program kickoff
  • Library Commitment #3: Review and contribute to program description, outcomes, competency statements and performance indicators
    • GC Program Timeline: Program checkpoints
  • Library Commitment #4: LR/AT/Library Interview with program Subject Matter Experts to develop programmatic strategy
    • GC Program Timeline: After Checkpoint 3
  • Library Commitment #5: LR Product Development Portfolio Collaboration
    • GC Program Timeline: During program design workshop to be completed prior to product team start

Phase Two Product Development

  • Library Commitment #1: Sit in on first meeting of product team to introduce librarian and consultant role
    • GC Program Timeline: Product Team Kick Off/Sprint Zero
  • Library Commitment #2: Work with Product Owner and Scrum Master to identify training date for team based on the LR Product Portfolio and Using Shapiro Library Content in the LMS guide
    • GC Program Timeline: 1-2 Weeks into development
  • Library Commitment #3: Product Owner & Scrum Master flag librarian for inclusion on daily scrums as needed. Librarian will float into team meetings to check in week to week.
    • GC Program Timeline: Throughout product development
  • Library Commitment #4: Check in with product team members for additional meetings and training as needed
    • GC Program Timeline: Throughout product development