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SNHU Academic Archive

The SNHU Academic Archive is an institutional repository, or digital library, providing free access to faculty and student research and other university resources. Learn more about its policies and use.


The purpose of the SNHU Academic Archive is to preserve and make accessible the intellectual output and selected institutional records of Southern New Hampshire University, and encourage an open access environment. The Academic Archive supports the Shapiro Library’s mission "to promote successful academic careers and lifelong learning through the delivery of information and instruction using innovative services and technologies."

In 2008, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awarded a three-year grant to Southern New Hampshire University to create an open source, open access repository of student and faculty papers from the School of Community Economic Development and the International Business programs. Since then, the Academic Archive has grown to include resources from many other disciplines. We strive to acquire resources related to the intellectual output of the university, including student and faculty papers, newsletters, speeches, campus symposia, and student publications. Institutional records are also encouraged.

Who maintains the Academic Archive?

The Academic Archive is maintained by the Shapiro Library and Information Technology Solutions (ITS), and is powered by DSpace open source software. It provides open and restricted access, long-term digital preservation, and full-text searching for institutional resources.

Intellectual resources in the Academic Archive are accessible not only from the Academic Archive, but also from WorldCat, OpenDOAR, and Google Scholar.

If you are interested in starting a collection in the Academic Archive, or contributing to an existing collection, contact the Digital Initiatives Librarian at