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IDS 403 - Technology and Society

Course guide developed specifically for IDS 403 to help support the research and learning processes.

Topic Examples

There are some types of topics that may not be appropriate for the work in this course. Review the following examples of topics to better understand the topic selection process.  

Topic 1: The role of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and its role in commerce in the last 20 years

Good choice or poor choice? RFID tags have played a pivotal role in global trade, allowing for clarity of inventory, tracking, and ownership across continents. This technology has changed a variety of business practices and has many implications for a range of management processes. Researching this topic will allow you to explore a variety of elements ranging from its history to how it affects social and cultural practices to the economics of it and much more. 

Topic 2: The role of technology in dehumanizing people

Good choice or poor choice? On the surface, this may look like a compelling subject, but it lacks specificity. There is no specific technology to focus on nor any event to ground it in. Each technology is embedded in a societal context, so to make blanket statements about "technology" or even areas of technology (e.g., social media, smartphones, motorized vehicles) limits your ability to both study and explain that context and connect the dots between the idea and the lenses. Furthermore, without grounding it in a particular event, it may take a significant amount of time and research to fully flesh out the technology's role—certainly more than you will have in this course.