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Health Information Management

A Library Research Guide to Shapiro Library and web resources on health information management including trends, statistics and career information.

Networking & Social Media

Hearing about jobs, being recruited for positions, and applying for jobs are all possible through networking and social media. Explore these resources to learn how to use networking and social media to your advantage:

Online presence 

Before you start searching for jobs it's important that you clean up your online presence. When you're being considered for a job, your future employers will search for you online--make sure they don't find anything you don't want them to see!

Start by Googling yourself and creating a professional online presence for your future employers to find. Check out the video and web resources for more information:


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network dedicated to helping individuals maintain a list of connections. LinkedIn is a social networking tool that allows you to strengthen and extend your network of professional contacts. It is a tool that helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals, leading you to career success.