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Interdisciplinary Studies in the Commons

This guide will provide help with accessing IDS course support in the Commons, including IDS 405 and IDS 410

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Providing Effective Feedback

In this course you will have the opportunity to provide feedback through peer workshops. This is a great opportunity to get new perspectives and insight into your work and ideas. In order to provide the best experience and receive meaningful critique, there are a few key aspects of workshop feedback to consider:

  • Always remember there is a human being on the other end of the screen
    • In the digital world it is easy for intentions and commentary to be misunderstood or to give offence, especially when discussing sensitive topics. Always remember to keep your remarks courteous and professional. If you find that you are unable to give objective feedback on a topic, consider selecting another. 
  • Look beyond grammar
    • It can be distracting at times when grammatical mistakes pop up while you're critiquing. However, the purpose of feedback isn't to provide editing-your feedback should be substantive and address the ideas being presented. Try to focus primarily on the content of the post, rather than any writing mistakes. 
  • Two stars and a wish
    • This can be a helpful tactic when providing feedback. The two stars and a wish method allows you to provide positive feedback while also giving the author something they can continue working on or building out. While positive critique is nice to receive, it always helps to have something to build upon as well.