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Interdisciplinary Studies in the Commons

This guide will provide help with accessing IDS course support in the Commons, including IDS 405 and IDS 410

Social Justice

In the Salem Press Encyclopedia This link opens in a new window, social justice can be defined as:

When members of a society value all human beings and ensure that people are treated equally regardless of their personal or social characteristics. The concept of social justice includes fair treatment, equal opportunity, and unbiased allocation of resources for everyone. Often engrained in the philosophy of religion or politics, social justice also is associated with movements for peace, respect for diversity, and the application of equal rights.

For a more detailed encyclopedic entry: Social justice, Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2023 This link opens in a new window.

In this course you will have the option to select a topic of your choice, but if you are struggling to think of what you might want to write about, the databases have several topic lists with details that may help you in your decision. 

The United Nations is a great resource for exploring human rights, peace and security and global issues. 

Useful Databases