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Interdisciplinary Studies in the Commons

This guide will provide help with accessing IDS course support in the Commons, including IDS 405 and IDS 410

A group of protesters

Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash

Social Movements and Interest Groups

For the project in this course, you will select an American social movement or interest group to investigate. Below is a list of social movements and interest groups and a brief overview for your consideration. 

Social Movements


Interest Groups


Single Issue Interest Groups

Single issue interest groups: Interest groups that will lobby congress or government concerning one issue. Click below to explore some examples. 

Corporate Lobbying

Corporate lobbying: Large corporations often form their own lobby groups, or they will form a lobby group where a particular industry will centralize its efforts. These are examples of different corporate sectors that utilize corporate lobbying groups to promote their agendas:  


Unions: Organized labor groups that represent the interest of workers. Click below to explore some examples.