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OL 500 - Human Behavior in Organizations

This Guide organizes the Library's resources for researching theories of motivation, communication, leadership, power and change with practical relation to contemporary issues in organizations.

Welcome to the OL 500 Research Guide!

OL-500 focuses on the study of individuals and groups and their interactions. Students examine theories of motivation, communication, leadership, power, and change with practical relation to contemporary issues. They also study organizations for key design variables and reward systems aimed at improved performance and organizational efficiency through employee motivational programs, participative management, and cooperative decision-making.

As you journey throughout each module, the OL-500 Library Resource Guide is you one-stop library resource for databases, scholarly and non-scholarly resources, professional associations, research tips and tools, career information, and more.

Use the blue buttons on the left to navigate through the guide and find what you need. Ask a librarian ( if you need additional assistance!

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