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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

This Guide organizes Shapiro Library and internet resources for the masters degree Program for TEFL in Vietnam and other locations around the world.

The Asian EFL Journal

The Asian EFL Journal (AEJ) examines issues within the Asian EFL linguistic scene, and considers how traditional educational approaches are integrated with or contrasted against what is arguably a very specialized and relatively new field of study. This journal is now accessible to the global academic and teaching community, where articles relating to Asian EFL may be published and viewed by all EFL professionals.

The primary function of the Asian EFL Journal is to provide a freely ( limited ) accessible alternative journal on a quarterly basis through the user friendly and highly accessible medium of the Internet that widens the target audience and authorship, particularly in the Asian-Pacific region. Additional access is available through a small subscription fee.

The AEJ also provides new insights into key issues and subjects that are emerging and are of contemporary interest that may not gain space in a variety of hard copy and more 'established' publications. The site offers keyword and subject indexes as well as a conference calendar and book reviews.