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SNHU Undergraduate Research Day

This guide contains all pertinent material for students to participate in Undergraduate Research Day at SNHU.

2022 Proposal Link:


Submit Your Proposal!

Institutional Review Board

All research involving human subjects, whether conducted by internal or external researchers must be approved by SNHU IRB prior to the recruitment of any SNHU student, faculty, staff, or alumni.  SNHU students must identify a regular, full-time SNHU employee willing to serve as a SNHU liaison for the entire research period and to assist in facilitating the application process. 

Information for Students

How to Participate in Undergraduate Research:

  • Select a Faculty/Staff Mentor

    • This person will help you get what you need to complete your project, and be a sounding board for your ideas and offer suggestions to help you achieve them.
    • This person will help you submit your proposal to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) if you are conducting research involving human subjects (distributing a survey, conducting interviews, etc.). See button in the left column.
  • Submit a proposal by February 12th, 2021 (Button on left)

    • A proposal is a 250 abstract(summary) of what you intend to do for your UGR project
  • Types of Projects

    • Original Research - You create a study, conduct interviews, administer a survey, execute a lab sequence, etc.
    • Secondary Source Research - You find research and information on a topic and assemble your findings in a new way to educate your readers/viewers/colleagues
    • Creative Works - You conduct research in the process needed to create a film or documentary, graphic design, story, photo exhibit, song, video game, app, etc.
    • Case Study - This year there is one case study incorporating the theme of "Disrupting Inequities in Society Through Research" where students may tackle this issue through the lens of their major or an angle of their choosing. 
  • Decide how you wish to share your project during UGR Research Day

    • Presentation
      • You may present live online during the UGR Day (This may include oral presentations, PowerPoints with speaker, plays, performances, readings, video game demonstrations, etc.)
      • Pre-record a presentation to be streamed on UGR Day
    • Poster
      • Create a poster to be viewed during UGR Week
      • Offer a short session where viewers may interact with you about your poster
    • Creative Works
      • Create a gallery of images of photographs, sculptures, graphic designs, etc.
      • Conduct a "gallery talk" online about your works
      • Create an opportunity for viewers to play the video game you designed
      • This category is open to new ideas...
  • Submit your project to the Undergraduate Research Day Conference Proceedings Archive

    • After the conference, you may submit your project to be archived in the SNHU Archives. You will retain a link to your project that you may add to your resume/CV or LinkedIn profile, etc.
    • You must include your mentor's name and email address in the submission form. Click the button below:

Submit to UGR Conference Proceedings

  • Volunteer

    • Not ready to conduct your own research project? Volunteer to help with Undergraduate Research Week! Students are needed to help with publicity, marketing, logistics, etc. 
    • Email and say you're happy to volunteer!

2020 Proposal Rollovers

Students who were accepted last year are allowed to roll over their acceptance to this year by completing the proposal rollover form:

Undergraduate Research Day Participants Scholarships

SNHU students who participate in Undergraduate Research Day have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. Graduating seniors may also apply to receive these funds. One $500 scholarship for each school (Business, Education, Arts & Sciences, CETA) will be awarded. DEADLINE for application: Midnight April 21, 2021.

Resources for Conducting & Presenting UG Research

Learning about how to research

  • What are the different types of studies?
  • What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research?
  • How do I create a randomized sample?

Answers to questions like these and much more can be found in a database called SAGE Research Methods. It even includes a Research Project Planner to take you step by step through the process of research!

Sage Research Methods

Finding Tests, Surveys & Tools to Conduct Research


SNHU subscribes to RefWorks, a citation management system to keep track of all your sources, cite them in whichever format is needed, instantly create bibliographies, highlight and take notes on sources, and much more! 

Presenting your Research


  • The Shapiro Library Poster Design Guide includes templates, SNHU logos, formatting & layout, information on finding and using images, how to present text, and a host of additional information to create and present posters.
  • The Shapiro Library Makerspace Professional Poster Design Workshop videos focus on the three main elements of poster design. Select the video to help with what you need:
    • Video One - Layout
    • Video Two - Visuals
    • Video Three - Text