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HIS 200 - Applied History

Research guidance and support for HIS-200 Applied History research assignments.

APA Style

The assignments in your course ask you to use APA style, the citation style used in SNHU's general education classes. With approval from your instructor, you could choose to use a different style, such as Chicago/Turabian, the style that is most often used in History classes. Once you choose a style, be sure to follow it consistently. 

APA Style, currently in its 7th edition, is a citation protocol established by the American Psychological Association. This style was developed to ensure consistency and to provide style rules for scientific writing. 

APA is most often used in the disciplines of:

  • Social Sciences (including Psychology, Education, Sociology, Economics, Criminal Justice, etc.)
  • Business
  • Nursing

What does APA Style include?

  • the format and structure of your paper
  • how you cite other authors within the body of your paper
  • how you compile a references page at the end of your paper

For more information and examples, check out the Hoonuit  video playlist and other resources below. You may be asked to sign in with your SNHU email and my.snhu password when accessing Hoonuit (Atomic Learning).