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PSY 224 - Research II: Scientific Investigation

This guide is designed to support PSY-224 taught on CAMPUS by Dr. Peter Frost.

Citing Sources in APA Format

Correctly citing your sources is an important part of research. Psychology researchers and practitioners use a citation style developed and updated by the American Psychological Association. APA style is currently in its 7th edition. There are many resources to help you use APA style for your citations and papers. Here are some of our favorites:

Frequently Asked Citation Questions

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Avoiding Plagiarism

Academic honesty is an important part of being a student and researcher. Using someone else's work without properly attributing their work is plagiarism, a kind of academic dishonesty. Properly citing sources not only gives credit to the research you've based your work on, it also allows your reader to interact with your sources, and is an important part of the scholarly conversation. Explore the following resources to learn more about Academic Honesty and avoiding plagiarism.

Frequently Asked Academic Honesty Questions: