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Locating and Reading Full Text

When using library databases for research, look for the "Full Text PDF", "HTML Full Text", "EPUB Full Text", "Link to Full Text" options that appear on the search or record pages to read (download and print often times too) right away. The screenshot below shows the PDF Full Text and EPUB Full Text options that appear in the Multi-Search database below the title of the eBook. 

screenshot of an eBook from the Multi-search database. Title of the book is first, followed by the citation. Under neath the subject headings, the icons for PDF Full Text and EPUB Full Text appear.


There will be times that the full text is not available inside the database you are searching, but that does not mean that the library does not have the resource. You will see the linked option for "Full Text Finder" instead, which is a tool that searches across our databases for that item. If we have it, you will be brought directly to the full text of the resource.  

screenshot of an academic journal result in the multi-search database. Under the subject heading the full text finder button appears.

There will also be times that you will see a citation and abstract for a resource, but we do not have the full text of the item. In this case, there will be a Request via Interlibrary Loan link.

screenshot of an academic journal result in the multi-search database. under the subjects the request via interlibrary loan button appears

Click this and you will enter the Interlibrary Loan system with the information of the resource you want to request a copy. The library will send out a request for any libraries that have this item and are willing to send us an electronic copy. Please see the Interlibrary Loan page above for more information. 

If you have any concerns with getting to to the full text of the resource to read, reach out to a librarian via chat or email right away, we are happy to help!