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HIS 100 - Perspectives in History

Tulsa Massacre, Wounded Knee Occupation, Stonewall Rebellion, Haitian Independence, Philippine Revolution, Iranian Revolution, The Great London Smog, Creation of Earth Day, Chernobyl, Creation of the UN, Act Prohibiting Slavery, Founding of NATO

Inequality and Human Rights

A sign on a post that reads "every human has rights"

Image by Markus Spiske, retrieved via Unsplash

The concept of inequality and humans rights is an issue that dates far back into the depths of human history. If this is an area of interest to you, please select one of the three historical events on the menu to the left for your course work. Below you can learn more about each topic first by clicking on the title. 

Tulsa Massacre This link opens in a new window

Wounded Knee Occupation This link opens in a new window

Stonewall Rebellion This link opens in a new window

Each of these topics listed above are linked to a Research Starter, which is a tertiary source. Tertiary sources are great to get background information on a topic, but these are not meant to be cited in your assignment. Once you click on the topic of your choice from the menu, you will find a number of primary and secondary sources to use in your assignment. Read through each source to learn more about your chosen historical event.