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HIS 100 - Perspectives in History

Tulsa Massacre, Wounded Knee Occupation, Stonewall Rebellion, Haitian Independence, Philippine Revolution, Iranian Revolution, The Great London Smog, Creation of Earth Day, Chernobyl, Creation of the UN, Act Prohibiting Slavery, Founding of NATO

Tulsa Massacre

The Salem Press Encyclopedia is a great tertiary source for background information on this event (Please note, encyclopedias/tertiary sources should NOT be cited in your assignment. Scroll down for primary and secondary sources). It explains, "The 1921 Tulsa race massacre was one of the most serious instances of racial violence in US history. During the riot, a mob of white people burned the black middle-class neighborhood of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and murdered many of its residents. As many as three hundred people, most of whom were black, died during the riot. The riot in Tulsa was part of a rash of race riots started by white people who were angry that African Americans were gaining wealth and prosperity after World War I (1914–18). The legacy of the race riot lives on in Tulsa, and the riot serves as a stark reminder of the racism that is endemic in the United States. Although instances such as this have been called “race riots,” many people disagree with the use of the term. Instead, many people believe the event should be called a massacre because so many innocent people were murdered."

Primary Sources

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This broadcast transcript includes an interview with a survivor of the Tulsa Massacre, George Monroe, who details his experience at the time. Warning: This testimony contains the use of racial slurs. Please be advised. 

This broadcast provides a firsthand account of the horrors experienced the day of the Tulsa Massacre.

Secondary Sources

This article explores the theme of interracial violence by examining the events that occurred during the Tulsa Massacre. The authors describe the event in detail, exploring several issues that incited the incident. 

The article below provides an exploration of segregation in American history by using the Tulsa Massacre as a case study. The authors explore what led to the massacre, the subsequent struggle for reparations, and the legacy left behind after the incident.