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Graduate Student Research Guide

Appropriate for all SNHU graduate students or individuals conducting research for graduate or scholarly papers with Shapiro Library resources.

Improving Your Reading Strategies/Skills

There are several ways you can improve your reading skills or strategy. The following list is some example ways you can improve your reading:

  • Take notes while reading
  • Try reading aloud
  • Re-read books and other materials to gain fluency
  • Try breaking your reading into small chunks
  • Connecting what you're reading to your real life
  • Get help from a tutor, peer, or adviser

One popular way to increase your reading comprehension and retention is by using the SQ4R strategy. S4R stands for: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review, & Reflect.

This strategy involves readers Surveying the text, turning what you've read into Questions, Reading the answers to your questions,Reciting what you've read aloud, Reviewing what you've read, and Reflecting on what you've learned.

The library has several books and ebooks in our collection which can help answer your questions about improving your reading skills or strategy. Check out the books, web resources, and video below for more information.

Helpful Web Resources: