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Online MFA in Creative Writing

This guide is intended to help you identify and locate scholarly and non-scholarly resources (books, articles, etc.) for the Online MFA in Creative Writing program.

Grammar and Writing Support

Need help with writing, grammar, style, or citations? We have you covered!

Visit SNHU’s Academic Support Center, where you can submit a paper for feedback, post a writing question, or schedule a one-on-one writing appointment. Writing coaches can help you start a paper, guide you through citing issues, brainstorm answers to prompts, and answer grammar questions. (Typically, paper feedback and questions are answered within 48 hours.)

Is your writing active or passive? Commas have you confused? Whether you need to brush up on old rules or finally learn where that apostrophe goes, check out Atomic Learning and Grammar Girl This link opens in a new window or our selection of grammar e-books.

Writers can play and experiment with craft techniques like voice, but sometimes the most difficult aspect of writing with clarity is in the use of proper style. If you’d like guidance on things like pronoun use, POV, incorporating figurative language, eliminating “to be” verbs, and structure, then head on over to Writing Commons: Style This link opens in a new window.

If you need help with MLA or Chicago citations for research-based assignments, then navigate to our citation links.