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FYE 501 - Graduate Orientation

This guide will support students taking FYE 501: Graduate Orientation

Research Tools

The Shapiro Library has many tools that can be used to conduct research, but there are five main tools that can be used in the research process from the library homepage. The use of these tools together provides a holistic approach to conducting research and utilizing what the library offers to the fullest. Let's take a look at each of these tools in more detail below.

Multi-Search Database

The Multi-Search Database is the tool on the homepage of the library that runs the main search box titled "Search for books, articles and more". This is our most "Google-like" database as it searches across most of our digital and print content housed in the library and through our subscriptions. This is a good tool to start with especially if you only need a few fast sources or if you want to see the breadth of information out there on the topic. It isn't the only place to search and can be overwhelming to some users due to the amount of results that can be returned. 

Search for books, articles, and more using the Multi-Search

Curious? Want to give the Multi-Search a try? Use the search box below and enter in a few keywords. Hit Search and you will be brought into the Multi-Search database, where you can see the results based on your keywords!

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