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MLA Style: Basics

This guide is intended to help you cite sources in MLA style, avoid plagiarism, learn what MLA style is and includes, find examples of MLA style, lead you to campus resources that can help you cite sources in MLA, and more.

Multivolume work

IMPORTANT! See note about the hanging indent requirement on the left-bottom of the page.


General Format

AuthorLastName stated that .... (Vol#: page#).


For Example

Tucker explained that ... (2: 151).


Corresponding Works Cited entry

Tucker, Spencer C. et al., editors. The Civil War Naval Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO, 2011, 2 vols.

See note ¹


¹ According to pages 119 & 120 of the MLA Handbook you want to include the volume and the page number in the in-text citation if you used multiple volumes of a work.  However, you do not want to use the abbreviations vol. or p. in the citation.