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EG - General Engineering Guide

This guide is intended to help you identify and locate scholarly and non-scholarly resources (books, articles, etc.) on the subject of engineering. On this guide you'll also find info. on library services, research tips, career info., etc

Effective strategies for working in a group

Chances are if you're in school, you'll be faced with a group project sooner or later. Find out how to set yourself up for success, resolve conflict, and communicate effectively with your fellow group members.

Video Series:

What are Strategies for Working in a Group?

Sections in this series:

  • What are examples of group roles?
  • What's the best way to express an opinion that is different from the rest of the group?
  • Setting ground rules
  • How can my group communicate with each other?
  • What if a member of the group doesn't follow through on his/her part?
  • How do we create a timeline in order to meet goals?
  • Resolving conflict