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EG 110 - Engineering Design 1

Use this Library Research Guide to help find resources on the resources on water resources, water supply management, valve design, rainfall monitoring, and 3-D printing- scholarly articles, books, websites, etc. Also info on careers, group work, and libra

EG 110 - Recommended Resources and Suggestions

Throughout the Engineering Design 1 course you will engage in a semester long project with real world implications. Fortunately, you have a wealth of resources available from the Shapiro Library and the open web. The Shapiro Library subscribes to thousands of resources to support researchers as they look for innovative ways to find solutions to problems. Your job as a researcher is to better understand the problem and find an elegant solution to help solve it.

This guide will provide suggestions as to where and how to search for information. You have research available which spans several disciplines including engineering, environmental, economic, education, and many other aspects related to these topics intended to ground your theories and provide you inspiration as you design a solution.